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let your beauty unfold

pale white like the skin stretched over your bones

Tryphe's Writing
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about the writer
Tryphe is a teenage girl with a pen and a notebook. She is obsessed with making Harry Potter characters do what she’d like them to, often to the tune of a Taking Back Sunday song. She is what some might call “creative” and what others might call “insane.”

about the writing
Because Tryphe loves manipulating Harry Potter characters, that is primarily what you’ll find here. Most of them will be based off Taking Back Sunday songs. Most of them will be Draco/Ginny. Some original characters who are mostly just scribbles in Tryphe’s notebook will occasionally get a bit of the spotlight, too.

about the originality
If you see any names like West, Alys, or Tacey, keep in mind that they belong to no clear storyline yet and just like to bug Tryphe until she writes them down. They may eventually get a nice, fat, chaptered novel, but for now they’re living in Stanley, Tryphe’s notebook.

about feedback
Tryphe appreciates constructive criticism because she is always looking to improve her writing, so offer some if you have any. If you don’t understand something or think just it’s total crap, go ahead and leave a comment. “That was spectacular genius” is always good to hear, too.