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let your beauty unfold
pale white like the skin stretched over your bones
22nd-Apr-2006 06:44 pm - to my website
allison hood
Because copying and pasting takes longer than linking.

Feigned is a fun little D/G drabble (well, not really, but it was purposely written to 222 words) in Draco's PoV. Inspired by TBS's "Great Romances of the 20th Century."

So Jealous is another school assignment I had too much fun with. It's character-based, but the character it's meant to describe has undergone many changes and rewrites since I wrote this last year, so it's kind of inaccurate now. West even has a new name.

And while you're at the website, go ahead and click around.
20th-Apr-2006 08:24 pm - older crap.
allison hood
Second post today. I've gone from not using this thing at all to spamming. Wow.

So, here's little 111 word Half-Blood Prince drabble. Because it makes me sad.
Tracey wants to cry.Collapse )

ETA: Thought I'd add a link to Liars, since it's one of the only D/G things I've ever written that I'm acually happy with. I've tried the ship a few times since and it never quite works as well. So, read it and tell me if you share my opinion or not. Copying an pasting is no fun, so click the fake cut and scroll up a bit.
19th-Apr-2006 06:55 pm - I think I'm going to miss Seth.
allison hood
Sometimes I feel like I have holes.Collapse )

convoCollapse )"Alys."
Familiar voice, but lacking a name. She turns around in case it's anyone important, and when she catches sight of big brown eyes and dark bedhead, a smile breaks out over her face. "How's my favorite JD?" she asks as she hugs him.
"Wondering what he's doing alone in French III." He doesn't return the smile (or the hug), and hers fades.
"Oops. I've kind of...sort of...switched to Spanish." She winces, then tries a grin. "Still love me?"
He scoffs. "Barely. Why the hell?"
"Sadie didn't have any friends in her class, so I'm taking Spanish I with Jesse this year so I'll be in the same level as Sadie next year. I'm sorry. You'll have to do all your own work this year." She paused, not sure if she wanted to ask him or not. Oh, well. Kinda hafta. "This is kind of embarassing, but I can't think of a name for you other than Pierre, and I know that isn't your name, it's the name you picked for class, so..."
"Steven." A small smile.
"Well, Steven, since we won't be suffering together every other day in French anymore, want to eat lunch sometime?"
"Sure. I'd like that." A full-on grin. "What're you doing for lunch today?"
"Meeting Tacey by the band room. Nothing set in stone, though, so that could change, given a better offer."
He fakes a crestfallen expression. "Oh, well, nevermind, then. Everything beats the back parking lot."
"Sounds like fun."


I'm starting to think Steven's going to replace Seth, which is quite sad and also a bit ironic, since he's good friends with the guy Seth's ex-girlfriend cheated on him with. But it could be fun, since I think Alys would get along marvelously with Steven's friends. Namely, Chris and Tabitha, the cheater and the cheated-with, since she's into computers and he's into cartoon-style art and will be in her second-semester art class anyway, so they might as well be on good terms, right?
Oh, the things I do to justify being evil.
Like anyone reading this would have any idea who these people are, anyway.
But aside from justifying it, I'm starting to think of negative complications. Like what's West going to do while he isn't driving around freshman girls or working at Starbucks? I mean, aside from his wrestling team buddies, who aren't nearly as close to him as Seth, he's got no social life. And being friends with a loner like Seth through thick and thin is one of his few non-jerk-type-jock qualities. So Seth's gotta stay. And help Alys with math.
Crap. This'll be harder than I thought.
18th-Mar-2006 02:31 pm - denial twist
allison hood
Wrote this a year ago when I was Buffy-obsessed. Anyone who owns Where You Want To Be and has read the lyrics in the CD booklet will recognize bits.

So close...Collapse )
26th-Feb-2006 02:40 pm - her reaction
allison hood
It was an accident,
I swear.

He started it--
I didn’t want to--

Nothing happened.

I hate that you won’t believe me
even as I don’t believe myself.
I hate that it doesn’t kill you
(yeah, I want it to)
and you can move on.

I hate that.
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